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Address Deben Yacht Club, Jetty Lane, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 4BB
Phone 01394 385400

Ian (Jack) Cade. 07802 937154. If in doubt, the Commodore will be able to pass your message to the right person.
Vice Commodore
Thomas Yeung The Vice Commodore deputises for the Commodore.
Email Rear Commodore
This position is currently vacant. Emails sent from here will go to the commodore
Email Honorary Secretary
The Honorary Secretary can provide information on Club Constitution & rules as well as many other administrative issues. Tel 01473 735739 / 07754 217334
Club Captain
The Club Captain is primarily responsible for the sailing programme (racing and non-racing) and promoting high standards of race management at the club.
Email Membership Secretary
The Membership secretary administers club membership and manages allocation of spaces in the Dinghy park , canoe racks and pontoons. Tel 01394 385221
Email Boat Booking Administrators
Boat Booking Administrators will advise members on club dinghy hire for entry to a race or to attend a flotilla or an organised club sailing event. Tel 07754 217334
Email Honorary Treasurer
Club Treasurer runs the clubs accounts and issues regular financial reviews and statements Tel 07900 910459
Email Publicity Officer
The publicity officer is responsible for the clubs new letter, news shots, publicising forthcoming events and arranging social event and winter walks and talks 01394 446008
Email Galley Team Leader
Our Galley Team Leader advises on membership of the team and publishes the galley rota but NOT to re-allocate or swap your duties for you. Tel 01473 622585
Email Sail Training Team
The Sail Training Team will advise on Sailing courses run by the DYC. dates, competence levels, costs etc. Tel 07929 751003
Email Powerboat and Safety boat Instructors
Email here for advice on Powerboat training and Safety boat training courses run by the DYC. Tel 07956 145721
Email OnBoard Leader
The Onboard leader manages OnBoard course applications and scheduling. Tel 07803 049252
The Bosun is responsible for maintenance and availability of all our safety boats which is currently two ribs “Twister” and “Seabreeze” and also our open displacement safety boat “Nimbus”. Tel 07802937154
Email Honorary Assistant Secretary / Health and Safety Advisor
The Honorary Assistant Secretary carries out many administrations duties and prepares club’s policy documents. The current assistant Secretary is also the Health and safety Advisor to the club Tel 0777 188 0240
Email Pontoon Moorings & Outboard Storage Officer
Email to request information on allocation of tenders spaces on the pontoons and for outboard storage. Tel 01394 383947
Email Dinghy Mooring Officer
The Dinghy Mooring Officer allocates mooring spaces to club members owning large dinghies and small day boats. Tel 01394 387581
Health and Safety Advisor
The Health and Safety advisor establishes and maintains club policies and risk assessements associated with Health and Safety. Tel 01394 385236
Email Property Manager
The Property Manager is responsible for the maintenance of the Clubhouse, Pontoons and Dinghy Park and is in charge of the winter Working Party Tel 07778 271785
Email Bar Secretary
The secretary ensure that the bar is stocked and can advise on opening times. Tel 07891 538145
Email Fairways Officer
The Fairways Manager Represents the Deben Yacht Club at the Kyson Fairways Committee and can provide advice on moorings and other relevant matters. Tel 01473 622585
Canoe Fleet Captain
Dean Chapple Tel 07804 481811
Digital Team
Responsible for the website, email and technical issues with apps. They also like to hear suggestions around how to make systems better or what needs to be implemented.
Dinghy Bosun
Safety Bosun
Safety Boat Roster