Racing Handicaps

Club racing for dinghies is split into two separate fleets: Fast Handicap and Slow Handicap. Dinghies with a PN of 1150 or lower will be eligible to compete in the Fast Handicap. Dinghies with a handicap of 1151 or higher will be eligible to compete in the Slow Handicap fleet. Requests to race in the alternative fleet for which a dinghy is eligible should be made to the Race Officer, or where it is to apply for a whole series/season, to the Club Captain.

Handicap racing will be run in accordance with the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick Scheme using the current RYA National Portsmouth Number list.

Where the RYA does not have data available and a class is not listed by the RYA, the club will determine handicaps based on past data. A list of the handicaps for dinghies most commonly used at the club can be found here in the DYC Dinghy Handicap List.

The handicaps used for yachts racing at the club can be found in the DYC Yacht Handicap List.