Club Constitution & Rules

The club is a Charitable Incorporated Organization (CIO) number 1183054.  The Constitution of the DYC, which is registered with the Charity Commission (CC), defines the club’s purpose, membership arrangements, members’ duties and entitlements, how it is managed, etc. Changes to the constitution must be approved by the CC.  The committee may make Rules which, for instance, regulate how the dinghy park is used and where dogs and bicycles are allowed.

The Rules were last changed by the Committee in May 2023.

Principal Changes to Rules –

  1. Personal Flotation Devices for all afloat at organized activities,
  2. Pontoon spaces for tenders to be available from 14 March until 1 December,
  3. Members property in the dinghy park or club premises shall be identified/marked,
  4. Craft stored on racks shall be secured,
  5. Guest Safety Boat volunteers shall be admitted as temporary members.

The Constitution and Rules documents are available here: