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Membership is open to all, you do not need to own a boat or even know how to sail. We have regular dinghy training sessions for members and also train our safety boat team who provide support for on the water activities.

Members can hire club dinghies when our safety boats are on patrol.

The Club operates on a self-help basis, so it is important that members contribute to running the club, and that they make it easy for others to help – particularly by abiding by the Club’s Rules.

We expect members to take their turn at some of the club’s many volunteering opportunities; parents of cadets are welcome to help, especially at Club Sailing!

The club cannot run events without organised help for:

Galley Duties – Our sailors and spectators need fuel! Rolls, sandwiches and cake are greatly appreciated and are easy to provide. Di Cobb and Lesley Yeung co-ordinate the galley and are always looking for helpers and offers of food, especially in Regatta Week.

Manning Safety Boats – We must have trained people to helm the boats but crewing them requires no special skill. Regular sailors are expected to help keep others safe and all members are welcome to take a turn. You can volunteer and manage your duties using DutyMan.

Officers of the Day – and their assistants take charge of on the water activities. People who race are expected to staff our crow’s nest. You’ll not lose out on your points for a race series because you will be compensated for missing a race when you are a race official or on a safety boat.

We encourage members and parents of cadets to help during Club Sailing by helping to rig boats in the dinghy park, on the ramp and supporting the galley team.

For further details, contact our Membership Secretary Mrs Frances Alexander: Tel 01394 385221 or scroll down to our club Secretary.

Membership Subscriptions & Fees

The following fees for 2024 were approved by the AGM in November 2023.

Annual Subscription

Full (individual)£112
Full 18-25 adult membership£55
Family (two adults and their children under 18)£167
Cadet / student£39
Temporary (4 weeks)£37
Late payment fee for renewals after 31 January£34
Additional clubhouse key fob (one-off payment)£5

Dinghy Park

Dinghy or tender on trolley in dinghy park £115
Canoe / paddleboard / sailboard etc.£40
Small (≤ 3.7 m in length) unladen road trailer in dinghy park£45
Large (> 3.7 m in length) unladen road trailer in dinghy park£115
Sails and foils in dinghy park shedFree

Pontoon and Club Mooring

Tender space on pontoon – includes over winter space in dinghy park£115
Outboard in pontoon locker or dinghy park shed£46
Oar storage in pontoon lockerFree
Club mooring *£120

* Mooring holders are responsible for maintaining their club mooring in good condition.

We are a self help organisation, so we expect members to volunteer for various activities in order to run the club.

application form 2024.pdf – Google Drive(opens in a new tab)

The Q&A has a lot of questions and answers about the club and how it works.

If you have a question that isn’t answered or other suggestions please let us know.

Now we’re a charity we can claim Gift Aid on donations to the club.

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