The Tuesday Morning Working Party



 he working party continues to receive excellent support from a dedicated team of volunteers who meet every Tuesday morning during the winter. We aim to undertake as many maintenance tasks as possible to save the club the expense of employing outside help. Some tasks are really quite large projects in themselves, for example ramp way repair involving careful planning and heavy timber construction has taken some 300 man-hours to carry out.

The two downriver pontoons have been stripped down and rotten timbers and steel tie bars replaced. Inside the club house, the galley ceiling was redecorated and hot water supplies were run to the bar and galley hand wash allowing removal of the old “ascot” type water heaters. Outside the clubhouse, running repairs and maintenance to furniture and the white cladding keeps the area looking as smart as possible. In the crow’s nest the working party will make good after the contractors have finished layout improvements to ease the OOD’s race management job.The club now owns twenty five sailing dinghies as well as three safety boats and two tenders all of which have to be cleaned, painted and repaired to make ready for the sailing season.

The number of tasks allows us to cater for a wide range of abilities including painting, carpentry, electrical work, and ground works. We are a jolly group and Tuesday mornings are enjoyable despite the weather! Every month a lunch is organized for those wishing to stay on afterwards for a drink from the bar and a cooked meal.

If you are interested in joining the working party please contact Roger McCombie on 01394–460358 or simply pop down to the clubhouse on a Tuesday morning during the winter.

Summary of work in previous years:


While the contractors built the new changing rooms, the working party embarked on the major task of refurbishing the ramp way. The committee boat “Nimbus” underwent repairs to the floor and engine bearers and was completely repainted. To meet our commitment to be as open to the local community as possible, ramps to allow access for wheelchairs into the club house were installed.
In addition, many essential maintenance and repairs to all our dinghies as well as the dinghy park, the pontoons and engine lockers, the clubhouse and veranda were carried out to keep the club fully operational during the sailing season.


This winter our priorities have been the repair of the main ramp way which developed wet rot,  improvements in security, installing CCTV and antitheft locking plates for the outboard motor boxes and the replacement of a rotten pontoon. We have also repaired the storage sheds and rectified that subsidence on the main pathway to the dinghy park. An additional team under the guidance of David Hayhow have been maintaining the club training dinghies and Julian Taylor has brought his boat building skills to the assistance of the club tender. He is installing a new gunwale and specially mounted bilge pump which with all the rain we seem to get to now will doubtless prove invaluable!

This year, the winter working party started work as usual in October with a programme ending on March 26th 2013.

The winter’s activities were dominated by work on five Wayfarer dinghies that the club acquired from Suffolk County Council. David Hayhow organised the complete refurbishment of these boats with the help of Working Party members. Work continued also on the Veranda, extending the roof line to the end of the clubhouse to designs by Spencer Soames. In addition to routine maintenance a pool of labour was provided to Simon Shaw as he managed completion of the new slipway, working with our contractors Tam and Cyril.