How to Use Boat Hire Calendar

When you’ve booked, please pay using PayPal and add your name and the date of hire to the “instructions to the seller” e.g. Smith 15/05/2019.  Or send a cheque to the DYC Treasurer,  5 Ash Close, WOODBRIDGE, IP12 4BP with date of hire on back.  You can also pay at the galley by cheque or cash after filling up the sheet on the clipboard and getting it signed off by the galley lead or a committee member. 

How to see bookings already made: Go to Boat Hire Calendar
How to register as a WordPress user:
  • Follow the link on the calendar page (or go to
  • Fill in your username. Please use your real name or something else recogniseable as others will need to know who has booked the boats
  • Fill in your email address
  • Enter a password
  • Complete the Captcha (this is a pain but is intended to stop automatic creation of users)
  • You will receive an email containing a link.  Click on that link to complete your registration (It is possible that this email has been filed under “spam” or “junk”. If so, find it and mark it as “not spam”)
  • Once you have logged on (see below), you can easily change the password as you wish
How to log on as a WordPress user:
How to book a boat:
  • Go to
  • (If you have not already registered as a WordPress user, click the “registration” link above the calendar)
  • Log on as a WordPress user (by clicking the “login” link above the calendar)
  • Find the day you wish to book and click on the day (on the blank part of the day, not on any existing words)
  • Check that the request form has been prefilled with your name and email. If they are not present, cancel the form, log on as a WordPress user and Refresh / Reload the browser tab which contains the calendar (now the calendar “knows” you have logged on and will pick up your details)
  • Fill in the form, selecting the boat, time of booking etc
  • The booking will appear on the calendar in orange and the Booking Administrator will receive an email (when we have multiple admins they all get the email)
  • The administrator will check that your booking is appropriate and (hopefully) approve your booking. The booking will then change to green on the calendar
How to change a booking You can delete or update your booking.  However this is not allowed within one day of the booking (as it may not be possible to re-book the boat):

  • Find the booking on the calendar
  • Click on the booking
  • Change the details on the form which appears
Administrator actions Club Boat Hire Administrators can do the following which lesser mortals cannot:

  • Create booking requests on behalf of other people (non admins can only create bookings for themselves)
  • Update or delete any booking request
  • Change the status of a booking from Requested to Confirmed
  • Make changes to Confirmed bookings without their status automatically being reset to Requested
  • View the history log records of all bookings
  • Run a report for a CSV extract file of all boat hires