Race Training

Faster, faster, faster… – 5 May 2018

Have you ever wondered what the folk that pick up all the Cups at the Laying Up Supper are doing differently to you so they win the races?

If you’ve mastered the basics but now want to learn when to pull your kicker on (and when to ease it!), when (and why) it would be a good time to yank on your Cunningham, what people mean when they talk about twisting their mainsail, how to use the infamous Deben tide to your advantage or why one end of the start line is better than the other?

On 5 May, if there’s sufficient interest, we’ll run a “masterclass” with some of our more experienced sailors sharing their top tips to help you get the most from your dinghy. The provisional plan is to start around 12.30pm with some land-based coaching, then move onto the water around 2.30pm to put what you’ve learned into practice, before retiring to the clubhouse for a debrief over a beer (or a cup of tea!), wrapping up around 6pm.

The precise format for the day, including the topics that we aim to cover, will be shaped by the interests of those attending. Places will be limited and it’s imperative that you book your place in advance! So, if you’re interested please email Graham at commodore@debenyachtclub.co.uk as soon as possible, with the following brief details: –


Level of experience: Intermediate / Advanced

Any specific areas you’d like to cover, on or off the water?

Any questions you’d like to put to our panel of experts?