Club Nights and Lazy Sailing

Club Nights/Lazy Sailing

Open to  sailors of all levels, the idea behind the evenings is to provide a club evening for those keen to enjoy a mid-week relaxed sail and an opportunity to get together with other club members.  We also hope the evening will appeal to our non-sailing members.

Dates are on the calendar shown below

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Evenings will always include hot dogs or a galley and the bar will be open.

All boats are welcome, but for younger members who don’t have a Topper – don’t worry as we will have access to a number of boats for those without their own craft to use.

Additional Information
These evenings are designed for every member to enjoy the sailing in our beautiful location and for members to get to know each other. There will be lots of people on hand to help you if you need it and probably some challenges too. The format is informal but for safety reasons there are some rules whether in a borrowed boat or your own.

1 Everyone needs to sign on – adults in the normal way and under 18’s with one of the organisers and provide an emergency contact number.

2 The patrolled area will be in sight of the club house and members are encouraged to stay within this area. Adults can of course sail further at their own risk but under 18’s may not.

The boats on offer 2 Fevas, 2 Q’bas, 6 Toppers and 4 Wayfarers have all been block booked for the evening. If you want to borrow one simply come along and put your name down. If we have too many requests we’ll simply have to share. There will be no charge for the use of boats by under 18s and a contribution of £5 is expected of adults.

Any questions please contact Commodore or any committee member.