Boat Hire Rules


The club is always seeking to get more people sailing and gaining skills.  Therefore, the following DYC boats are available for loan to members this season:

  • 13 Toppers (Toppers 1 and 2 have Centre Mainsheet, marked CM in the booking system),
  • 2 Qubas,
  • 5 Fevas (Fevas 3, 4 and 5 are Race Rigged, marked RR in the booking system),
  • 5 Wayfarers. Later in the season 3 wayfarers will be place in the dinghy park and will be marked DP in the booking system.
  • 1 Laser

There is a charge of £5 a session for Toppers and single-handed Qubas and Fevas and for the Laser.  The charge for Wayfarers and two-handed Fevas is £10.  Under 18’s do not need to pay for Lazy Sailing events.  You can pay using the PayPal button on the booking calendar on the club website if you have a PayPal account or pay at the Galley or the Hon Treasurer, Jenny Shaw, in cash or by cheque made payable to DYC.  If you pay at the galley please fill in a hire form which they keep so we know who has paid.

Discounts of 25% are available if you use a boat for a whole race series.

Boats are available under the following conditions:

  1. Members may use boats only when DYC safety cover is available and must stay in sight of the clubhouse or a safety boat.  Unfortunately, our insurer will not allow boats to be used unsupervised.
  2. Users are responsible for ensuring they are competent to sail in the prevailing and expected weather conditions.
  3. A club member must be on board when sailing; guests may not sail alone.
  4. Under 18s must have written parental permission to sail without a responsible adult.
  5. Everyone in a club boat must wear a buoyancy aid when on the water. The club has a limited number of buoyancy aids you can borrow.
  6. You must book boats using the calendar on the DYC website using the “boat hire” tab under the heading “sailing”.
  7. Club activities, such as Lazy Sailing, have priority and all boats may be booked for them.
  8. You must tell the Officer of the Day or other person in charge of activities what boat you are using and what you’re doing. If you are not racing, please enter your name at the bottom of a signing on sheet saying you’re “free sailing” and sail within sight of the clubhouse or rescue boats.
  9. If you are using a Wayfarer, you can ask for a lift to the dinghy in a safety boat. If you are free sailing in a Wayfarer, make sure that you get back to the mooring when a safety boat is still available to take you back to the clubhouse. Alternatively, you can use one of the club tenders; if you use a tender please take it back to the pontoon while you are sailing.
  10. Please arrange collection of items such as sails with the Club Boat Bosun. Please make sure that you put sails away after use and return Toppers, Qubas and Fevas to the dinghy park.
    • Qubas – sails are in the “New Shed” in blue sail bags rolled round pipes
    • Fevas – main sails and jibs are in the “New Shed” in yellow sail bags rolled round drainpipes.
    • Toppers – Old sails suitable for free sailing are with the boats. We also have new sails are in the “New Shed” rolled round pipes for racing. Please use the full-length halyards with green bobbles with the new sails. Please do not use new sails for Lazy Sailing. Toppers 1 & 2 have centre mainsheets
    • Wayfarers – full sized sails are in blue sail bags in the New Shed. There are both jibs and larger genoas. We also have smaller “training” sails in red bags.
  11. You must report breakages and deficiencies of boats, trolleys and other equipment even you did not cause them. This will ensure that we can maintain our property in good condition.
    • Users must inform the appropriate Club Boat Bosun of any problem.
    • If you don’t report problems, you not may not be allowed to use club boats again.

Club Boats – Summary

  • Book boats on the club calendar on the website, when there is safety cover
  • Pay by PayPal or in cash to the Galley – Single-handers £5 – Wayfarers and 2 person Feva £10
  • Put everything away neatly
  • If there’s a problem tell us.